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Seán O Nualláin’s new book One Magisterium hailed as a “masterpiece” in a review by Stuart Kauffman


Coming This Spring!

The Foundations of Mind III Conference:
Science as if Being Mattered

May 18–20, 2016

Berkeley, CA

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Confirmed speakers and panelists include:
  • Ashok Narasimhan
  • Beverly Rubik
  • Cynthia Sue Larson
  • Edward Frenkel
  • Fred Alan Wolf
  • Henry Stapp
  • Leslie Combs
  • Menas Kafatos
  • Neil Theise
  • Seán Ó Nualláin
  • Wolfgang Baer
  • … and more to come (see Schedule)

And ... coming May 20, 2016 from Cambridge Scholars Publishing
The first Foundations of Mind book:
Dualism, Platonism and Voluntarism

Dualism, Platonish and Voluntarism: Explorations at the Quantum, Microscopic, Mesoscopic and Symbolic Neural Levels -- Foundations of Mind book

Foundations of Mind published more peer-reviewed papers than
the world’s top cognitive science department in 2014–2015!

UCSD, regarded as perhaps the world’s best, published:
2014:  14 papers
2015:  14 papers
Total:  28 papers
In the same period, we published 40, including papers by
Stuart Kauffman, Henry Stapp, Walter Freeman, Howard Pattee,
Fritjof Capra — and Ed Vul of UCSD!
Our new book features a further 17 new papers.
Our writers keep the copyrights (and do not have to pay to do so!)

Proceedings of the Foundations of Mind II Conference (2015) are now available free on the e-journal Cosmos and History.

Proceedings of the Foundations of Mind I Conference (2014) are now available free on the e-journal Cosmos and History.


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